Life is an Event, Make it Distinctive with Us

Luxury Wedding

NRI Wedding Services is a luxury wedding planner for the people who want to make their wedding very special and modern. Couples who want first-class service and an event of the highest quality. We provide services across the Globe and we have some of the best places bookmarked for the couple who want to plan a destination wedding and make it grand. We are top in the business and several prominent publications have acknowledged this.

Fabulous Parties & Celebrations

We have a wide range of international clients, including some of the most famous personalities in the world. They are our top customers and we provide world-class experiences that are unforgettable. Every party  we plan is different, from weddings to birthday parties to anniversary celebrations, and children’s parties. We are the narrator through the events of our clients. We get involved in every celebration we plan. And being a narrator it’s really happy sharing the story with the audience.

World Class Event Team

NRI Services is an internationally recognized and award-winning extravagant wedding planner and party organizer. Our team of event managers are world-class and we plan weddings all over the globe from our home office which is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. We are passionate about creating magical and memorable experiences and providing outstanding service throughout the entire process