Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have become quite popular these days, more than ever before.  Brides and grooms sometimes like to stay close to home when planning their weddings, but many choose to travel to a new place, sometimes to exotic resorts, inviting friends and family from all over the world to help celebrate their union.  

Planning a destination wedding can sometimes be more hectic and stressful than doing so locally with local vendors. Wedding planning in general tends to be hectic and extremely difficult, but that’s where our services can help!  NRI Wedding Services can do this planning for you, making everything easier, saving time and money of our clients.  

We utilize only our most optimal vendors fitting each client’s needs, arrange for travel, making decisions on catering, music, decorations and more. Often times, the stress of handling things like travel arrangements abroad are the reason why many couples shy away from having their dream wedding and just settle for something closer to home. 

Our goal is to make your dream a reality, which is why when you work with us, the only thing you will have to worry about is getting to the ceremony on time! We are here to help you plan your entire Indian destination wedding, from picking a  venue to saying your goodbyes, covering all details in between.   






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