Traditionally, the Sangeet has very much been a part of the formal engagement ceremony (Sagaai) that takes place a few days prior to the wedding ceremony, and marks the beginning of the wedding events to follow. Moreover, this event also gives families and friends a chance to get 
together prior to the wedding. It is generally celebrated by North Indian families. However, in recent times, the sangeet has made its presence 
felt even in South India. The concept of a sangeet although old and traditional, is still in vogue. Relatives travel long distances to be there on 
this special occasion, marking the beginning of the wedding events to follow.  The sangeet is a celebratory evening that goes well beyond decor 
and fineries.  It is a night that is celebrated with dance, music, and entertainment celebrating two hearts that are committing to share their lives together.  

NRI Wedding Services can make your Sangeet night magical with all new luxury themes.  Most wedding planners swear by it and say it adds a fun dimension to any Indian wedding.  Our team of professionals will work with you to prepare and execute the occasion, adhering to the vision you have in mind. Many times, the themes chosen for the Sangeet night revolve around the bride and groom – their love life, how they fell in love, how they met, etc.  

The dances are well choreographed, practiced, and performed by family members, friends, and even professionals at times. The music that is played in the ceremony varies based on preference. Bhangra, Indi pop, Hindi film scores, are some of the common genres. DJs tend to be hired to make the occasion more lively. The song and dance is followed by elaborate dining arrangements.